Apple FreeYourMusic Premium Plan Update

Apple FreeYourMusic Premium Plan Update

Music; an integral part of life, several people have found useful application in different places and different times. Despite being a career and financial support for many, music is considered a way of life for several others. As a way of life, it’s used for social gatherings like celebrations and mourning, and even to regulate mood swings. Songs are now representatives of persons, places and countries, whenever they are sung they can bring back memories. Music is tied to several events that have occurred in the past, this is why the Apple Cooperation is seeking to make it easier for their users to access quality premium music. This they have done not just by making premium subscription available, they have also transferred its benefits across all platforms that will grant subscribers access when they engage the offer on ground.

The plan is called the FreeYourMusic

The plan is called the FreeYourMusic Premium Plan; normally, when users move from a platform like Spotify to another platform like Apple Music, they are usually required to create new playlists. That is, you cannot transfer playlists across platforms; but with the new subscription plan, you can transfer your complete playlist from one app to another without having to create new ones. Now, how does this work? It’s simple actually; all you have to do is select which platform you wish to transfer your songs to, this must be done after selecting the current location where those songs are. After which, you’ll select which playlists you want to transfer, after which your files will be sent accordingly, no hassles. There are several features that come with this new subscription plan, most of which may interest you.

Apple FreeYourMusic Premium Plan Update

Features of the FreeYourMusic plan include; no limits to the number of songs or playlists you are allowed to have. This is more like a world of limitless music, and it serves across all platforms, from iOS to Linux and Android. There’s also a great support from Apple, as they look to clear any questions or confusions that you may have about the program, they ensure this with steady email support. You don’t have to be concerned about data loss, this subscription will backup all your files to the Apple Cloud, in addition to an easy retrieval process, to enable access your data any time you desire. Retrieval of accidentally lost files was made possible, and it’s possible to cancel this plan too, whenever you wish.

As wonderful as this plan looks, it’s not compatible on all mobile and desktop platforms, there are certain requirements that needs to be meet. You’ll require at least an Android 5, iOS 12 or later to enjoy this plan and you can access this plan for a maximum period of a lifetime. Redeeming of codes is necessary for continuation, and this can be done in 30 days, all of these can be accessed from desktop or mobile. It’s not a static plan as regular updating will be done by the company on a regular basis to suit customer needs. Get your FreeYourMusic plan today and enjoy limitless number of music across all platforms.

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