Luke Combs won two awards in the Academy of country music awards with Thomas Rhett featured a tie for entertainer of the year. His determination on the career is what contributed to his success he even adores his career these are enough to creat an achievement. He performed an emotional version of better together which he dedicated to his wife Nicole Hocking. Combs dedicated this song for his wife after they married in August.

He says he knows it’s been a crazy year for everybody and there have been bright spot that is for all of them. One of his biggest bright spot of his entire life was getting married this year wish came to fulfilment. He is so grateful to the Mighty, his wife and his children who were watching the live performance. Luke goes ahead and thank the entire people who contributed to his success.

Combs started dating Nicole Hocking in

The event took place last night in Nashville, the singer was raised in Asheville in North Carolina. He was born in the year 1990 on March 2, thirty years old of age. Luke started singing at a young age and continued practicing even after entering high school. He is very close to his parents, he attributed his success to his parents while walking the red carpet in the year 2017.

Combs started dating Nicole Hocking in the year 2016 later on November 19, in the year 2018 Combs announced his engagement to Hocking on his social media page. He keeps his audience informed by appearing often on his social media pages, for example Instagram. Luke is popular on social media in his instagram account, he posts videos and pictures depicting his professional and personal life. Currently, he has accumulated more than one point six million followers.


After graduating from high school, he went to Appalachain state University in Boone, North Carolina. While, attending his university he came up with his first country music show. His middle name is Albert, he enjoys the outdoors and embraces his country roots. He also loves to fish and does country roots, whether in his music or on his day off. Luke has helped his parents retire this is how the parents benefited from their son’s fame.

The singer loves basketball video game, he grew up playing football and rugby. He loves to play electronic form of basketball, Jennifer Aniston is his celebrity crush for her role as Rachel on the hit TV show Friends. Everyone in Nashville wants to solve-how other singers in that country can replicate Comb’s Success.

Sacrifice, timing, hard work and surrounding himself with positive people are what contributed to Combs success. People have been asking him but his answer was if he knew what it was he would bottle it and sell it. Him writing songs that he himself would want to hear on the radio. To some point he almost gave up because he could drive to clubs and play shows but barely makes any money. His journey was not that easy but giving up was never the solution he continues to press on.

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