Little mix: A Lady’s Favorite Band

There are a number of musical bands which have managed to amaze the world with their good music. Bands like the Beatles have been a favorite since they debuted into the entertainment industry. A good band that has, however, been underrated for years is Little Mix which is a girl band of four talented young women. The girls certainly have points that make them a good band for people who listen to them. Their personal journeys from how their musical journey started. These stories are an inspiration of how people’s lives can change with 70% hard work and 30%luck.

The band's members include Perrie Edwards,

The band’s members include Perrie Edwards, Jade Thirlwall and Leigh-Anne Pinnock, plus former member Jesy Nelson, who exited the group late last year due to mental issues. These girls started out on the UK version of X-factor where all of them were strangers before the show. Simon Cowell signed them to his record label Syco music after the ladies won the competition in 2011. After that, they rose to fame because of their good vocals plus their good chemistry as friends. The band topped the UK singles charts when it released singles, making it a favorite for people in and out of Europe.

Little mix: A Lady's Favorite Band

What makes these girls interesting is how their music acknowledges female empowerment. From their various songs like ‘shout out to my ex’, anyone can feel how the ladies feel about feminism. As much as any band can produce a song and be famous, what makes them last is how their songs impact their audience. These songs are popular, and have become a motivation for young girls going through unpleasant situations in life. Their tale is like a Cinderella tale, but the efforts they put into their work can be seen from how their music is well-received. Jade started singing as early as nine years old, but failed a previous audition because of a lack of confidence.

The girls started from humble beginnings to the stars they are today. Sadly, Jesy Nelson succumbed to the pressure of public opinion, making Nelson retreat from the entertainment scene for a while. She experienced taunts, jeers and mean comments from haters about how she looked or dressed, eventually leading to depression. Despite what she went through, she held on for long before giving up which might be a good thing for her mental health. Jesy has experienced bullying while in school, and it makes sense that the pressure she faced from online bullies got to her. As much as they are a huge success and a favorite for people, people could have done better to support Jesy Nelson against the bullying she went through.

Some of their most famous works include albums like DNA, LM5, Not a pop song and Glory Days which have their famous songs that pushed them to stardom. The girl group is a motivation for young girls trying to make it in the entertainment industry. If not for Simon Cowell or the competition, the world would have been denied songs and vocals the girls are blessed with.

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