People’s Favorite Music Bands

There are several musician bands worldwide, both male and female, that make good music that is listened to by people from all continents. These bands specialize in different genres that best suits their specialization such as Imagine Dragons which is a famous rock band known for its popular songs like thunder, believer which have over a hundred million views on YouTube making them a favorite band to Rock music lovers. One direction was known for its many hit songs, and the five-boy band would have been more famous if not for their fallout to take on solo music careers. There are other bands that have taken over One Direction’s place like ‘Why Don’t We’ which has five musicians, Daniel, Corbyn, Jack, Jonah and Zach. The band is quickly gaining popularity as they make hit songs while working in the studio.

The band is highly talented and

The band is highly talented and was put together by Simon, the America’s Got Talent judge who saw potential in the boys as a band being more successful than if they took on solo careers. The band has not disappointed fans as it makes good Rnb songs which can be listened to by people from over 16 years. Their Instagram has 5 million followers which increases daily, and they have three million subscribers on YouTube who listen to their music. The audience may not be large compared to other bands, but it is growing fast with every new song release. In three months they have released three songs, Falling, Lotus In and Gray all which had a good reception as they are sentimental with deep emotions.

People's Favorite Music Bands

BTS is based in South Korea and is popular plus favored by Korean pop lovers who even created a fan base, then called it the BTS army. The BTS army has over 30million followers from all continents who follow BTS to their concerts and buy their music online, plus encouraging new fans to support the band. The good looks of the boy band members attract girls to watch their music videos making them diehard fans as talent might not be enough to attract fans to them. In South Korea, the girl-band Black Pink has a following over 30million making them favorites for millions. It has four female members who can rap or sing, making the group unique to stand out from other female bands.

Little mix is also a popular band having 13million followers on Instagram with over a hundred million views on YouTube. The band has had collaborations with celebrities like Nikki Minaj, the rap queen, increasing its fan base. Sauti Sol is loved by its netizens and other continents for making unique soul music with Afro Beats that make their music unique, it’s beautiful to dance or listen to. The bands have been nominated for awards which they bagged with votes from their loyal fans proving the bands are loved by their audiences. Migos is loved for its hiphop music by Americans and people from outside America as music from ‘Migos’ is listened to in all continents. All bands are their fans’ favorites as different fan bases have different preferences.

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