The Best Band Of All Time

The Best Band Of All Time

Great wonderful musical bands have come, sung and gone simultaneously no doubt. Each with its uniqueness ranging from music type, costume, vocals, instrumentals, lyrical content, voice and other qualities that distinguish it from another. However, everything that happens today must have had a beginning from which it started. Before the popular bands we know and love, there was the first band to have recorded a song. The first band to have a song was The Original Dixieland Jazz Band and their music was written when nobody thought of doing that.

This recorded song of theirs, they gave the title as “Livery Stable Blues”. After that, a couple of other great songs followed suit to their credit. Some bands have been considered the best bands of all time. These bands include Velvet Underground, Zeppelin, Ramones, Bob Marley and the Wailers, U2, The Beatles. Velvet Underground was formed in the 60s with John Cale and Lou Reed being members. The two men had different musical talents, this was seen in their ability to play different musical instruments.

The Ramones band had four members,

Two other new members later joined to make it a four-man band. The Velvet band had their unique style because they did not sing for listeners to enjoy and had a nice time listening, but so their conscience would be awoken. They only recorded two albums, all of them were recorded in the 60s. Zeppelin had a musical career that lasted for more than a decade. During that time, Zeppelin had gained popularity all over the world, it also had sold hundreds of million albums worldwide. It was a band that didn’t stand for anything and because of this, being one of the best of all time was disputed.

The Ramones band had four members, though Tommy, their drummer, was later replaced by Marky. They were a great band who had great songs to their credit. What distincted them from other bands was the energy with attitude in which they put into their singing. This effort paid off because it attracted lovers all over the world.

U2, a band of Irish origin,

Bob Marley and the Wailers came with a unique pattern of the music as well as the lyrics. The front figure of the band, Bob Marley, was a highly respected Jamaican singer. They sang about messages of righteousness, slavery, social injustice among many others. His colleagues in the band were Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer. Some of their recorded works are “Redemption song”, “Buffalo soldier”, with others. Their band later became famous when Chris was signed in the 70s.

U2, a band of Irish origin, was ranked the most influential of their era. It had a unique production technique joint with charisma displayed in their singing. U2 had four members, and they were all men in that band. The band had for four years played as a cover band then a Record signed them giving them an opportunity to release their first album titled “Boy”, and it was a wonderful one.

The Best Band Of All Time

The U2 band did not want to sing compiling music just like documents. They did not want to sing melodious songs so that everyone could see them as a musical band. It really wanted to sing songs that have mental picture representations to everyone who listens to them. The band had this desire in common with their producers at that time. The mindset of theirs birthed great songs like “Unforgettable Fire”, which made them famous. The band soared high and had lots of achievements during their time together.

Best band of all time, a band inarguably accepted as the best happens to be The Beatles. It had a form of a compelling story, which goes on to have a lasting effect on the listeners. Their lyrics had cultural and spiritual content that everyone loved. The band was made up of four members who are John, Paul, George with Sam being the fourth. The Beatles released a series of singles during that time which were loved by almost anyone who listens to them young or old, male or female, rich or poor.

The kind of joy their band gave people was good. The Beatles were excited to see happiness on the faces of all who listened to them. In fact, not only their music but their presence gave joy to millions of people.

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