YouTube Music Premium Is Not a Requirement If You Want Chromecast Support

YouTube Music Premium Is Not a Requirement If You Want Chromecast Support

As Google Play Music will be shutting down its operations before the end of this month, everyone will expect most Google Play Store subscribers to migrate to YouTube Music, the sister platform. This might be true theoretically, but practically the mandatory requirement for YouTube Music premium subscribers to access Chromecast support will work against the latter platform. There is no doubt that this slightest difference is what will make several users to find refuge at Spotify and other like-minded platforms. As YouTube Music struggles to attract more subscribers to its platform, it will be banking on the new strategy that will see the removal of the casting restriction on personal music.

If this strategy is going to

If this strategy is going to be implemented alongside YouTube Music’s property that permits subscribers to upload their own personal music collection to the service’s cloud locker, will increase users’ confidence. This will now mean that music lovers will be allowed to use personal music collections and YouTube music library to make their own playlists. Apart from giving users a lot of freedom on the selection of music they want to listen, the new feature is rich in variety of songs. Until now, people with premium subscriptions are the only ones that enjoyed this service leaving a good number that were on the free YouTube Music version disadvantaged. The good news is that both the iOS and Android users will have the ability to cast their own music without the obvious Google’s monthly fee.

YouTube Music Premium Is Not a Requirement If You Want Chromecast Support

Although this might be true, the new features will no lack challenges, and you will be blocked time to time when you try to cast music from YouTube library. All new YouTube Music subscriber, you will need to get used to messages such as “Only uploaded music can play on your speakers”. Not to mention that Google going to remove any streaming songs that will be on your YouTube Music playlist and mixed with songs in personal library. Even as the new upgrade for YouTube Music will be looking world-class with more libraries, couples of restrictions more so for free users will remain in play. It’s good to note that playing music using a Google smart speaker from YouTube Music will come with several ads and ten skips per 10 minutes.

There are conflicting reports that Google is introducing new measures to appease a good number of subscribers that will be leaving Google Play Music, which indicates that the new measures will only be short-lived.

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